Create a Peer-To-Peer Campaign

Last Updated: Dec 19, 2014 02:19PM PST

1. Getting Started
2. Step One: Campaign Details
3. Step Two: Designing the Appearance
5. Publishing your Peer-To-Peer Campaign


1. Getting Started

Select the Fundraising tab from your Nonprofit Dashboard.

Once you are in your Fundraising tab, select the "Create New" drop menu to the far right, and select which type of fundraising campaign you want to create. Select the Peer-To-Peer Campaign type.

Peer-To-Peer Campaign- Allow supporters to create personal fundraising pages to share with friends and family

*If you aren't quite sure a Peer-To-Peer Campaign is what you are looking for here are your other options:
Event- Choose between a ticketed event, a registration event, a fundraise for entry event, or a registration with fundraising event (PRO ONLY)
Donation Page- Build and customize your very own stand alone donation checkout page

After selecting the Peer-To-Peer Campaign type, you'll be brought to Step One of the Two-Step fundraising campaign.

2. Step One: Entering the Peer-To-Peer Campaign Details

Follow the page down to add the details of your fundraiser. Here you can: add the name, fundraising goal, project/designation, location, and add a start and end date.

Scrolling down a bit further will allow you to add a Campaign Description, and add a campaign thumbnail image.

Once completed you can continue one to Step Two of the fundraising campaign creation process.

3. Step Two: Designing the Appearance of your Peer-To-Peer Campaign Landing Page

Once you've added your Fundraiser details and completed Step One, you can move on to Step Two- "Design & Preview".

Use the Designer Tools to customize your fundraiser's look and feel. You can design your Logo & Header, change the page Background Color, alter the colors of your "call to action" buttons using primary and secondary color, add Media (pictures and videos), and change the Footer color. Learn more about using the Design Tool.

a. The Header: This edits the top of the page. You can add your logo, a background image to fill the space, or you can just assign it a color.

b. The Main Page: This edits the Banner Image, the Primary and Secondary Colors, and you can add a Background Image or just leave it a solid color.

c. The Media Section: This allows you to add videos and images. You have 5 available slots, but keep in mind that these are shared between you and your individual fundraisers. For example: if you only use 3 slots, your individual fundraisers will be able to upload 2 media items of their own.


d. The Footer: This allows you to add a color to the bottom of your campaign.

When complete with the Details and Design of your campaign click "Save and Continue"

4. Fundraiser Overview and Draft 

Once you've designed the look and feel of your Fundraiser, click "Save Changes" to be directed to your Fundraiser Overview. You will notice your campaign is in an initial Draft mode. 

Draft mode is useful for fine tuning your campaign. You can edit the templates for fundraising pages, team pages, the donation page, and the email templates associated with this Peer-To-Peer campaign.

5. Publish your Peer-To-Peer Campaign

When ready you can publish your fundraiser! (One thing to keep in mind before publishing the campaign for the first time is that you will lose the ability to run fake test transactions)

Look for the green bar confirming that you have published your fundraising campaign and click view to see the final product.

You can still edit the details and design of your Peer-to-Peer campaign even after it is published. 


If you have any questions please reach out to