Advanced Settings for Registration with Fundraising Campaigns

Last Updated: Jun 09, 2017 06:41PM PDT

Please note a new version of Registration with Fundraising is now available. We recommend you use new Registration with Fundraising for the latest design options and features. Read the new support articles here

The Advanced tab allows you to further customize your Registration with Fundraising campaign beyond designing your campaign and entering the campaign details. You can add in additional settings, format custom questions, and add teams all from within the Advanced tab. To edit your campaign within the Advanced tab, first click on the Fundraising tab in your organization's dashboard. Find the campaign you'd like to edit, then click Manage.


Once you are in the Fundraiser Overview section click on the Advanced tab.


1. Settings
2. Custom Questions
3. Add Teams
4. Donation Matching
5. Discount Codes
6. Campaign Admins (Pro Level Only)


1. Settings

Campaign/Event Visibility

Public v. Private

By setting your campaign to public your campaign is viewable and searchable to the public and is available to accept donations. By setting your campaign to private your campaign will be hidden from your active fundraising campaign list. It will also be unsearchable from the StayClassy site and from general search engines, such as Google. Private can also be used to restrict people from creating fundraising pages unless they have access to the fundraising campaign's URL.

*NEW* Allow Multiple Fundraising Pages per Person

When enabled, this will create fundraising pages for every registrant even if they are registered with the same email address.*Hint: Use this option if you expect families to register for your event using the same email address.


The Host is the person who is responsible for answering any questions regarding the campaign. If not changed, the host defaults to the first contact that is entered in your StayClassy Account Administrators.

Landing Page Options

Set Vanity URL: If available, you can create a vanity URL that is unique to your campaign.

Display Fundraising Bar: Choose to show or hide the fundraising thermometer.

Allow Team Fundraising: Allow or disable fundraising teams for your campaign.

Guest List: This will display a random list of 16 attendees on your campaign landing page.

Individual Fundraising: If you'd like to disable the ability to create an individual fundraising page, you can toggle this option off.

Keyword Tagging

To improve search optimization, enter in keywords that are relevant to your campaign separated by commas.

2. Custom Questions

Optional Questions

Here your organization can create custom questions that will gather additional information from your supporters. You can choose to have these questions prompted when a supporter goes to create a fundraising page or when a donor is checking out. To use any of the pre-created custom questions, toggle the question on or off and then select whether you'd like the question to be required.

Add Custom Questions

Typically, organizations create custom questions to obtain t-shirt size if they are holding an event or to add in waiver sign-off language.

When creating your own Custom Questions, you can choose from a variety of answer types, such as Custom Select List. This allows your fundraiser to select their answer from a drop down menu. Created questions will be asked to the fundraiser in the order in which they are created but can be re-ordered as needed.

Once you've added your Custom Questions and participants begin filling them out, you can find the answers to your custom questions in either the Transactions or Attendees Report for your Campaign.

3. Add Teams

This functionality allows you to create Fundraising Teams and to assign a Team Lead and fundraising goal to the team. Please keep in mind that a Team Lead can only be added if the individual has already set up their own fundraising page.

4. Donation Matching

Do you have a very generous donor who would like to match donations dollar for dollar? You can Create a Donation match. 

Once created any Online donation that is processed through this campaign will be matched automatically in the system by an offline donation. This will appear on Activity Walls and add the the progress of your campaign.

5. Discount Codes

If you would like to offer your supporters a special offer or a discount you can use the settings under the Discount Code section. Once set your supporters can receive a percentage or a dollar amount off of the registration fee.

6. Campaign Admins (Pro Level Only)

Campaign Admins allow your organization to add Administrators on a campaign level only. This means that they have access to all the campaign related tabs such as Overview and Reports however, they don't have access to any other portion of your charity's dashboard.

To add a new Campaign Admin, click Add a New Admin.

Then enter in their First Name, Last Name and Email address and select Invite Admin. The person added will then receive an email notification letting them know they've been added as Campaign Admin.

For more information on Advanced Settings please contact the Support Center at or by phone at (619) 961-1892 x2.