Setting up your WePay Account

Last Updated: Jan 29, 2016 03:52PM PST

Now that you are set up with your Classy account, it is time to add a payment processor to your account so you can actually receive the donations you collect through your Classy campaigns. We offer WePay as our preferred payment processor for many different reasons, but the biggest factor is their ease of use in conjunction with Classy. This article will explain the simple process of activating the WePay account that will be tied to your Classy account.

Please Remember:

1. The WePay account that you set up during this process is the only WePay account that will be able to sync with your Classy account. You will be unable to switch which WePay account is tied to your Classy account or merge this account with another WePay account.

2. The email that you use to set up your WePay account does not have to match your Classy account. You can always change the admin email for your WePay account at any time. To do this, simply update the primary email on file for your account.

Note: If the steps in this article are not completed, your organization will be unable to accept transactions made with an American Express credit card. The error message that shows for donors when the KYC has not been setup and an American Express is used at checkout is: The card type is not supported

1. Activate your WePay Account
2. Verify Your Information
3. Next link a bank account
4. Visit the Trust Center


1. Activate your WePay Account

Before being able to start receiving your donations you will need to completely set up your WePay account. You must complete the WePay Trust Center within the first 30 days of activating your Classy account. If you do not complete the Trust Center within 30 days of activation, any donations you have collected during that time will be refunded.

In order to gain access to your WePay account you will need to complete the Sign Up form, agree to WePay's Terms of Service and click "Grant Access". This will automatically link your new WePay account to your Classy account.

Be sure to verify your email address with WePay. This will be the email that you and/or your staff need to use to login if they wish view or manage the data contained within WePay's reporting.

2. Verify Your Information 

Be sure that you are verifying your information as an Organization rather than as an Individual.

Next, you will enter in your organization's information as well as your own.

Note: when verifying your account, you will be asked to enter in your Social Security number. Why you ask? WePay is required by law to verify certain information about their customers per the US Department of Treasury. With this information, they may also be able to increase your maximum transaction limit, and withdrawals and help with any disputes that are charged against your account.

3. Next link a bank account

Enter the routing information for the bank account where you would like WePay to deposit your donations. Here, you can also select the frequency with which you wish to receive your payments: you can choose Daily, Weekly, or Monthly.

Note: WePay completes their bank transfers through ACH Payments. If your bank account provides different routing numbers for different transfer methods, please keep this in mind.

4. In case you skipped the Verification process you can always visit the Trust Center

WePay's Trust Center allows you to confirm your identity and provide more information about your organization. WePay uses this information to better understand how you are using WePay to set more appropriate reserves for your account. With this information, they may also be able to increase your maximum transaction limit and help with any disputed that are charged against your account. 

If you need any additional information about setting up your WePay account, please feel free to reach out to our Support Team at or by phone at (619) 961-1892 x2.