Create a Registration with Fundraising Event

Last Updated: Mar 02, 2015 01:19PM PST

Get your Runs, Walks, Bowling, Splashes, and everything in between accomplish with a Registration w/fundraising type campagin! This feature is only available in our Pro plan level and allows participants to register as an individual or team and also automatically create a fundraising page for each event registrant. Registration with Fundraising is especially useful for any event where your supporters want to take the extra step to fundraise on behalf of your organization.

To begin creating your registration with fundraising event, follow the steps below.

First, select the Fundraising tab from your nonprofit dashboard. Click the green button that says and then click the Event option.

You will then begin the event creation process. Populate the fields to add the name, date, and location (if applicable of your fundraising event).


Next, add a meaningful description and  thumbnail image for you event. Most organizations use this space to provide detailed information about the event such as race packet pick-up, parking details, suggested arrival times, what problem is being addressed, how the funds will be used to make an impact.

Next, under
Event Type, select the Registration with Fundraising option. This option automatically creates a fundraising page for participants after they register for the event or are registered by another person.

Now set the Registration Types that you wish to offer and go through the settings for each one.
Set the recommended fundraising goal for participants and enable the setting to have registrations credit towards fundraising pages if you'd like. Once completed with this step, click Continue to Design & Preview to begin branding your campaign.

Once you have entered the details for your event, you can begin creating the look and feel of your campaign. The pop-up designer tool allows you to modify the appearance of the main event page.  As you make changes, the page in the background will update in real time, giving you a preview of what your event page will look like.

Begin by editing the Header bar of your campaign.  This is the space at the top of the page with the horizontal blue bar and the small StayClassy logo (see above photo). Here you can add a header logo (296 x 74 pixels preferred), change the background color, or add a background image.

You can then design the main campaign page by adding a add a banner image (952 x 256 pixels), add a background color or image*, and change the colors of the call-to-action buttons.

Note*- If you're going to add a background image, it's best to either use a tiled image, or one that is no smaller than 1900 x 1900 pixels.

Next, upload up to five photos or videos to your event page which will display in the media player. This media will not only appear on the main event page, but also on all individual and team fundraising pages supporting this event. *Note: If your organization chooses not to use all five of the media slots, your fundraisers can upload their own personal photos or videos in the unused slots.

The next option in the Designer allows you to set the Footer color. This is the horizontal bar that runs across the bottom of your page. You can either choose a unique color or hit Match Header and the footer automatically matches what you have set for the header.

When you finish designing your event, select Save and Continue and you'll be taken to the Fundraiser Overview section, which is the same page you reach when you click Managefrom your Fundraising tab. From here you can publish or un-publish your fundraiser, make additional edits, message participants, view reports of both registrants and fundraisers, and add custom questions.

If you would like a personal walk-through on creating a combined registration with fundraising campaign, please don't hesitate to give us a call at 619-961-1892 x2 or shoot us an email at