Adding and Editing your Dedication Settings

Last Updated: May 11, 2018 11:05AM PDT

Dedications are a great way to enable donors to make a gift in honor, or in memory, of a friend, family member, or loved one. Classy's donation pages support dedications, including email notifications, eCards, and even an option for sending a special postcard by mail to the recipient of the dedication. This provides a unique and memorable experience for your donors. This article will walk through the Dedication Settings and help you enable or disable these options. 


1. Navigate to the Campaign you wish to set up or edit Dedication Settings
2. Once inside the Campaign manager, click the Details Tab and select Donation Page
3. In Donation Page scroll to Dedications 
4. Review the Dedication Settings and apply those that are appropriate

Take a look at the different Dedication Settings and see which ones you want to apply to your Donation Page. 

Pro Clients have the option to add up to four eCard images that can be included with the donor’s message in the email notification that gets sent to the dedicatee. To offer to automatically send a notification email to the dedicatee Offer eCards to donors needs to be set to Yes in order to enable eCards. If you select Yes under eCards, you'll be prompted to upload the eCard images here that donors can attach to the notification email their dedicatee will receive.

eCard Image Specifications: 600x400 pixels and can be in a JPEG, GIF, or PNG file. You can upload up to four (4) eCards. When you're all set, don't forget to press Save Changes.

Note that eCards show up on the donation page when a donor elects to dedicate their gift to someone. Donors can choose one eCard.

If you'd later like to resend the Dedication Message you can do so through the Donations report. First, generate the report then find the donation where the dedication message was made. Then click Edit next to the donation and scroll down to the bottom of the Donation Edit Form. Here, click Resend Dedication Email.

Offer to send a traditional mail dedication by enabling the Postal Notification setting. If you enable this setting, you are responsible for sending the notification by mail based on the contact information provided by the donor. Those details will be in your Transactions Report. These notifications are not sent by Classy. 

For questions regarding Dedications, please reach out to