Set Up Peer-to-Peer Campaign Email Templates

Last Updated: Jan 15, 2016 01:40PM PST

The most important email to customize through Classy is the Donation Receipt Email. Donors want to know detailed information about their gift, like tax deductibility and the total donation amount, so Classy automatically sends them a donation receipt.  To make the most of this communication point, add a customized message and signature. 

To customize this email:

1. Navigate to your Campaign Dashboard

2. From the Edit dropdown select "Email Templates"

3. Select the "Donation Receipt Email" Tab

4. Personalize your donation receipt

5. Make sure to hit "Save All Changes!"

Although you are able to send a customized appeal email from Classy, we highly recommend you use your email provider. Email providers allow you to track critical metrics, like open rates and clickthrough rates, which gives you valuable information on how to optimize your email campaigns. Email providers also offer more customization options, so you can really maintain brand control over your messaging.

Pro tip. 53% of donors who leave an organization do so because of lack of communication, making communication the most important aspect of retention and donor lifetime value. For email best practices and ideas, download the Guide to Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Emails. And, as a bonus, write supporters the ultimate thank you with the help of  this infographic.

This video covers setting up the donation receipt email, as well as the other email types available for a peer-to-peer campaign.

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