Customize Your Campaign's Donation Page

Last Updated: Dec 18, 2015 11:31AM PST

To get the most out of a Classy donation page, we recommend that you customize it to match the messaging and look of your peer-to-peer campaign page.

To customize your donation page follow these steps:

1. From your Campaign Dashboard, select "Donation Page" in the "Edit" tab

2. Edit your donation page headline and supporting appeal

Pro tip. Customize the headline and appeal to match your campaign messaging. Remind donors, one last time, how important their support is.

3. Set the appeal details

Appeal details allow you to set donation amounts, prefill a donation amount, and select what kind of donation is preferred (e.g. one-time, monthly).

4. Set the dedication settings

You can enable/disable certain donation dedication aspects for your campaign. For example, allow donors to dedicate a gift to a loved one and send them an eCard (*Pro Feature only).

5. Set FAQs

Each donation checkout page has a FAQs section. Here you can set language about tax deductibility or you can add custom FAQs. You can add as many FAQs as you want (hooray!)

6. Set the last additional settings

The last section has various settings you may want to enable or disable. You can allow someone to leave a comment, donate anonymously, opt-in to your email communications, or ask donors if they want to cover transaction fees.

7. Make sure to hit "Save!"

Don't forget, you can edit these details at any time during your campaign.

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