Your Campaign Dashboard: Explained

Last Updated: Dec 18, 2015 11:18AM PST

The Campaign Dashboard is where all your campaign details and settings live. If you ever need to update a fundraising goal, your campaign page design, send a message to fundraisers, or any number of things you can do so in your Campaign Dashboard. Here, we'll give you a quick rundown of the dashboard and how to access it.

To access your Campaign Dashboard:

1. Navigate to the "Fundraising" tab in your account

2. Find the name of your peer-to-peer campaign and click the blue "Manage" button

Remember, you need to save your peer-to-peer campaign before you're able to access your Campaign Dashboard. Saving your campaign is the only way Classy knows you want it to exist!

Here's a quick visual rundown of what you can access through your Campaign Dashboard:

Edit tab: Edit details, appearance, page templates, and email templates. 

Communicate tab: Send a message to your fundraisers or share your campaign on social media. 

Reports tab: Run reports that give you powerful insight into the health and progress of your campaign. 

Advanced tab: Add custom questions to your donation page, maintain a matching period, or set a unique vanity URL for your campaign--among many other features. 

There are tons of customization options in the Campaign Dashboard. Explore! Next, we'll access individual and team page templates through the Edit tab of the Campaign Dashboard.

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