Set Peer-to-Peer Campaign Details and Basic Design

Last Updated: Feb 02, 2016 03:08PM PST

Exciting! You're about to build a peer-to-peer campaign on Classy. Getting started is easy. Note that you'll be able to save a draft of your campaign and make any edits or changes at any time, even after you've published it. As you go through this process, we encourage you to create a test campaign to familiarize yourself with the interface and play and interact with all the design options.

Important: Make sure you "Save" your campaign. If you don't save your campaign, you won't be able to access your Campaign Dashboard, the hub of all your campaign settings.

We've gone over how to create a campaign and enter your campaign details already, but we'll reiterate them here, just in case. Practice makes perfect!

1. Select the "Fundraising" tab on your Dashboard.

2. Click on the green "Create New" button. A dropdown will appear. Select "Peer-to-Peer Campaign."

3. Enter your campaign details

These include:

  • Campaign name - this name is public-facing.
  • Fundraising goal - this goal is public-facing.
  • Project designation (if applicable) - if you'd like funds from this peer-to-peer campaign to go towards a particular project or program, select it from the drop down. You'll have to set up designations before you can do this. This video explains how to set up program designations. You can open it in a new tab and come back to after this lesson.
  • Start date (required) - this is when your campaign will be open for new fundraisers.
  • End date (if applicable) - not all peer-to-peer campaigns have an end date. Maybe you have a year-round program that allows supporters to donate their birthday to your organization. Let supporters create a fundraising page anytime with a year-round option. Bookmark this blog post for ideas on year-round fundraising.
  • Campaign description - tell your supporters about your campaign and why they should create a fundraising page for your cause.
  • Campaign thumbnail image - sometimes people use Classy's search function to look for campaigns or organizations. Add your organization logo or campaign logo to ensure your campaign is easily identifiable to people who may search for your campaign on Classy.

4. Click "Continue to Design & Preview." You're about to get creative!

5. Add your own branding.

Now, you're in the Campaign Builder. This is where you can customize the look and feel of your campaign. Use the Design Tool to customize the header, main page, media player content (both images and videos), and footer.

Pro tip. Branded giving pages raise 6 times more than generic pages. Learn more about the anatomy of a great peer-to-peer fundraising page in this easy-to-read infographic.

6. Hit "Save & Continue"

Don't worry if you don't have all your assets ready or you're not prepared to publish your campaign yet. Clicking "Save & Continue" will not publish your campaign or make it public. This will just save the updates you made and move you on to the Campaign Dashboard. Next, we'll learn about the Campaign Dashboard and dive into all the other aspects of your peer-to-peer campaign. You'll have the opportunity to publish your campaign later. Remember, you can always make edits to your campaign's details and appearance, even after it is published.

Pro tip. Want to get fancy? Check out how you can leverage our support team to implement a custom sidebar and custom impact bar, design options that are available to Pro clients only.

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