What Design Assets You Need for a Peer-to-Peer Campaign

Last Updated: Feb 02, 2016 03:05PM PST

Get Design Just Right

Images really help tell your organization's story. To make sure all your campaign and donation pages look beautiful, follow these image size and quality specs. We recommend you use the following design assets on your peer-to-peer campaign page:

  • Header image - 74px tall
  • Your organization's logo - 296px x 74px
  • Campaign video (optional, but recommended) - 590px x 372px
  • Background image (optional) - 2000px wide by at least 1200-1400px tall

It's likely you won't have these assets prepared immediately---good design takes time! Don't worry, you can continue on to the next section to learn how to build and customize your campaign page. Just note that when you're ready to plan and launch your campaign, you should account for these assets and have them handy.

Pro tip. Bookmark this page for a visual reference of page elements and image sizes. Also, Classy graphic designer Stacey Uy lends some great image tips here to ensure the design quality of your page is A+

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