Create a Main Donate Button with Classy

Last Updated: Jun 30, 2016 09:38AM PDT

It's simple to link a Classy donation page to the main donate button on your website. Every campaign page, event page, and donation page you create on Classy has its own unique URL. That means you can link any element on your site directly to one of these pages. Here's exactly how to link a donation page to your main donate button:

1. Navigate to your account's "Fundraising" tab

2. Select "Donation Page" from the Create New Dropdown 

3. Fill in your donation page details

Don't worry, you can edit these details at any time

4. Move through the Design & Preview section

Don't worry, you can edit the appearance of your page at any time. If you need to review how to create and design a donation page, visit this quick guide

Pro tip. Learn the elements of a top-notch donation page in one simple infographic.

5. Click Save & Continue

You'll be taken to your Campaign Dashboard

6. Click the green "Publish" button

Your campaign will now be published and live.

7. Select "Copy Donation Page URL" 

8. Use this URL to hyperlink your donation button on your site

You do this by simply pasting the donation page URL into the HTML/CSS of your webpage. If you cannot access your organization's webpage, reach out to your web master. 

Now, when supporters click the donate button on your site, they'll be taken to your Classy donation page. Donations will show up in your Classy dashboard under the donation page's campaign name.