Set Notification Emails

Last Updated: Jan 15, 2019 04:40PM PST

Classy can automatically send an administrator notification emails for activities like transactions or peer-to-peer fundraiser signup.  To turn notification emails on or off and match administrators to a particular activity:

1. Open the Settings Tab

Once in the Classy Manager, select the Settings tab from the left-hand menus to gain access to your organizational settings.


3. Select the Admin Permission Levels

Within the Admins section,  you may select their specific permissions level as well as specify if they receive the listed notification emails. Clicking on the admin’s name will allow you to open up the editor for the specific administrator. 

Notifications ensure that your team is always kept up to speed on everything happening within your Classy Account.


Receive notifications every time a supporter donates to your nonprofit or buys a ticket to an event you're hosting. These emails also include high-level Dedication information should your supporter choose to use this portion of the Donation checkout form.


Receive a notification every time a supporter creates a personal fundraising page for your organization, or for one of your current fundraising campaigns.


Receive notifications for a failed transaction, a canceled donation or an expired card for those supporters who have set up monthly recurring donations for your organization.


Receive a notification if any of your donors file a chargeback with their bank for a donation given to your organization. For more information on chargebacks, click here.

NOTE: If Gmail is your e-mail provider, you can send e-mail notifications to multiple administrators using Google Groups. Other e-mail providers should offer similar services.