How to Add Account Administrators

Last Updated: Jan 14, 2019 09:54AM PST

Once you create a Classy account, you can add other members of your team as account admins. Doing so will give them access to your account and you can control the level of access they receive. Using different admin levels can help your team members focus on relevant tasks and keep account management organized and collaborative.

In this article, you will learn how to add account admins and about the levels of access you can grant:  

  1. Open Your Admin Settings
  2. Add an Admin
  3. Edit an Admin 

Open Your Admin Settings

1. Open the Settings tab
2. Click on Admins

Add an Admin

1. Click the Add button
2. Enter the new admin’s email address as well as their first and last name
3. Choose their permission level

  • Global Administrator - Gives access to everything in your account
  • Campaign Manager - Only gives access to the Campaign tab and its features
  • Reporting Access - Only gives access to the Reports tab and its features 

Note: If you only want to give someone access to a single campaign, view our guide on setting up campaign specific admins

4. Choose the activity notifications the admin will receive

  • Notifications are sent as emails to the admin and helps keep them in tune with your account activity

5. Click Save at the top of the screen 

Edit an Admin 

1. Click on the Admin you want to edit on the Admin Settings screen 
2. Click the Edit button 
3. Edit the permission level, notification settings, or remove the admin from your account
4. Click Save at the top of the screen 

Note: You cannot edit the name or email address of an admin. If an admin wishes to change their name or email, we suggest removing them and adding them again with the new information.   

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