How to Add a Campaign Admin to Your Campaign

Last Updated: Feb 06, 2019 01:43PM PST

With Classy, you can add campaign admins to help you manage your campaigns. These admins get access to the campaign editor and reports for the particular campaign you add them to. This allows other members of your team to make updates to your campaign’s design or to help with emailing your supporters. 

In this article, you will learn how to add a campaign admin to your campaigns:  

  1. Open Your Campaign Admins Settings
  2. Add an Admin
  3. Manage your Admins

Open your Campaign Admin Settings

1. Open the campaign you want to add an admin to
2. Click the Details tab
3. Select Campaign Admins from the left-hand menu

Add an Admin

1. Click +Add Campaign Admin
2. Enter the new Admin’s information in the form that appears
3. Click Invite Admin to invite the admin

Manage Your Admins

You can see all of the admins added to your campaign from the Campaign Admin screen. From here you can add another admin or remove existing admins. To remove an admin, simply click on the Remove X at the right of an admin’s name.At this time, you cannot edit an admin. If you ever need to change an admin’s name or email address, remove them from the list and add them again using the appropriate name and email address.

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