How to Add a Campaign Admin to Your Campaign

Last Updated: Oct 04, 2018 09:07AM PDT

Campaign administrators are the people who manage your campaign in Classy. Campaign admins have access to the campaign they are assigned. Only campaigns assigned to them will show up in their account. Campaign admins can edit campaign details, access campaign reporting, and can send emails on behalf of their assigned campaign. 

This support article will walk you through how to add a Campaign Admin to a Classy Campaign. While the example below is a crowdfunding campaign, the process is the same for all campaign types on Classy. 


1. Open Your Campaign

Navigate to your account's Campaigns tab and click on the campaign you want to open. This will bring you to the Overview tab for that particular campaign.

2. Navigate to the Details tab

Navigate from the Overview tab to the Details tab.

3. Select Campaign Admins from the Menu

From the lefthand menu, select Campaign Admins.

4. Add Campaign Admin

Follow the onscreen form to invite the admin. Once you have entered this information, click the Invite Admin button. The admin will receive an invitation email. That email will prompt them to create a login, which will grant them access to the campaign.

If you need any assistance in adding a Campaign Administrator please get in touch.