Setting Up & Designing Impact Levels for Crowdfunding Campaigns

Last Updated: Mar 27, 2018 12:18PM PDT

One of the most common questions that donors have for any charity is, "How is my donation being used?" To answer this question, organizations are required to meet higher expectations of transparency with supporters. That's why we designed Impact Levels: they're built into your crowdfunding campaign so it's easier for you to improve transparency. Now you can demonstrate how each of your suggested donation amounts impacts your program and its constituents. Taking it another step further, Impact Levels solidify a donor's commitment by pulling their chosen donation amount directly into the Donation Page when they're ready to check out! This article covers how to add Impact Levels to your crowdfunding campaign. 

1. Navigate to the Landing Page Editor
2. Impact Level Setup
3. Design Your Impact Level


1. Navigate to the Landing Page Editor

From your Campaign Manager, select the Edit Tab. Select the Landing Page icon to access the editor.

2. Impact Level Setup

On the Landing Page Details Tab, scroll to the Impact section.

*Note: As you work in the editor on the left side of the page, you will see your changes reflected in the preview on the right.

A. Add an Action-Oriented Title

Use this area as an opportunity to add a call-to-action that relates to your impact levels. 

*Note: A maximum of 8 impact tiles can be added.

For Example: "Give the Gift of Education"

B. Edit Each Impact Level

Click on an Impact Level Icon below the title to edit the name of the impact level, the donation amount that this impact level will represent, and a short description of the impact a donation of this amount will have for your cause.  

Once you have finished editing your Impact Level, click Done to save your changes!

Need more? We created this quick guide to compelling impact levels just for you.

3. Design Your Impact Block

To access the Landing Page's Advanced Designer, click on the Design tab. Once you are in the Advanced Designer, click on the Impact Block.

Once you click on the Impact Block, you will be able to access the features that allow you to fine tune the look of this content. 

A. Headline

Customize your Impact Block's headline by editing the text of the title, the color of the text, or hide it completely by checking the Hide Headline Box. You'll see your updates or changes reflected in real-time, but don't forget to save your changes before navigating to another page. 

B. Background

Under the Impact Levels, you can choose a background color for the Impact Block. To upload a background image for your Impact Block, you need to open the Advanced Options Slider. Here you can adjust the image's opacity (how see-through it is) and position.

Cool design feature: If you've chosen a background color and lower the background image's opacity, the image will take on a filtered look in the chosen color. 

C. Impact Levels

This mirrors Step 2, Section B. You can edit each Impact Level's image, description, and donation amount in this section. 

Need to change something? No problem! You can always manage your Impact levels at any time by coming back to the Landing Page editor to make adjustments.

If you need any further assistance with adding your Impact Levels, please contact us at!

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