Adding and Editing an Offline Donation

Last Updated: Oct 05, 2018 10:14AM PDT

When your organization receives check or cash donations outside of Classy, you can capture that information in your Classy account by recording offline donations. This article will walk you through how to add and modify an offline donation. While the example below is from a crowdfunding campaign, the process is the same for all campaign types.


1. Navigate to the Reports tab of your Campaign

First, navigate from the Classy Manager to the Campaigns Tab and open your campaign. Locate the Reports Tab, and select Add Offline Donation from the drop-down menu. 

Then fill out the applicable information using the offline donation form and add the payment details. 

Donor Information

The only required fields in this section of the form are First Name and Last Name. Email is not required to enter an Offline Donation. However, if you do enter one, it will tie this donation to the donor's Donation History within their Member Profile on Classy. You also have the option to create an Offline Donation as an anonymous gift.

Payment Information

Amount: The donation amount.
Description: This is where you can add specific details related to this offline donation. Common uses include check number, the reason for the donation, sponsor name, who handled this donation, etc.
Payment type: Credit card, cash, check, pledge, sponsor, other.
Date: Date the donation was received by your organization.

When you are done entering information and are ready to submit this Offline Donation, click Save Changes.

2. Manage Existing Offline Donation

You can manage, and edit the details of, your offline donations through your Campaign's Transactions Report. Find the offline donation you would like to edit using the Quick Find or Filters tool, and click the Edit icon next to it, in the first column of the report.

From the edit screen, you can edit the donor's information, update or change the details for the donation itself, or delete the offline donation entirely.

If you forgot to input the donation as an anonymous gift, you can toggle the anonymous feature on or off from this screen as well. Don't forget to click Save Changes when you're done making edits.

Note: We currently do not have the ability to batch upload offline donations. Offline donations must be manually entered individually. Also, keep in mind that Classy does not issue receipts for Offline Donations, as we cannot confirm receipt of the funds. Therefore, it is the organization's responsibility to issue receipts for all offline donations.

If you have any questions regarding offline donations, please feel free to contact the Classy Support Team.