Edit Your Donation Page or Crowdfunding Donation Receipt Email

Last Updated: Oct 30, 2018 12:19PM PDT

This article will focus strictly on the Donation Receipt Email for Classy Donation Pages and Crowdfunding campaigns. We'll walk through how to set up and tailor your donation receipt.


1. Navigate to Email Donation Receipt Setup

Navigate to the Campaigns Tab and your existing Donation Page or Crowdfunding campaign.

Then, navigate to your Donation Page or Crowdfunding campaign's Email Tab. From there, select Email Receipts from the list of options on your screen's left side.  To customize the Donation receipt, click on the edit icon that appears when you hover over "Donation receipt".


2. Email Builder Step 1: Setup

Provide the basics of your donation receipt email, specifically what a donor will see in their inbox. This step has three components:

From Name: Who your email will appear to come from. We suggest using the name of your organization.

Email Subject: This field sets the Subject Line of the email that is sent. For this section, we suggest using Your Donation Receipt, or similar verbiage that highlights the fact that the email is confirming a successful donation and contains a receipt.

Reply To Email Address: If a donor decides to reply to the email containing their donation receipt, the email address entered in this field will receive that reply.

3. Email Builder Step 2: Content

Next, you can edit the customizable content blocks within your donation receipt email.

Email background color: 
Choose a background color or enter a custom hex code for the body of the email. Our builder gives you the ability to choose from an array of colors or enter a specific hex (color) code if you want to use a custom color.

Email preheader: Add text to the very top of the email. Note that this often appears as an extension to the subject line. You can also edit the color of this text.

Campaign logo and background: Add your organization's or specific campaign logo. You can also edit the header's background color.

Message heading: The Heading content block is where you have the most flexibility and customization in terms of content for the donation receipt. You are able to add a headline in bold underneath the header box, and compose a short supporting message below it. This text can be centered, aligned left, or aligned right.

Manage donation block: The donation receipt section which includes all of the transaction details including donation amount, date, transaction number, and the name of your organization. This section is also where the PDF receipt is attached. The reader can also create or manage their own Classy Member Account by click the link in this email. 

4. Email Builder Step 3: Receipt

The official receipt comes attached as a PDF. On the physical receipt, you are able to edit both the Header Logo and specific Tax Deductibility Language. The receipt will also include detailed information on your organization and transactional details for the donation.

5. Email Builder Step 4: Save

After you complete Steps 1-4, you are now ready to review the changes you have made. You can also send yourself a test email to make sure everything is perfect! Remember, you can always make updates to the Setup section if you need. 

If you have any additional questions, please contact Classy Support for assistance.

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