Registration with Fundraising - Team, Fundraiser, and Donation Pages

Last Updated: Jun 09, 2017 06:39PM PDT

Please note a new version of Registration with Fundraising is now available. We recommend you use new Registration with Fundraising for the latest design options and features. Read the new support articles here

Team, Fundraiser, and Donation Pages

The most fun and unique elements of Registration + Fundraising is the peer-to-peer element! Because people register to become fundraisers, they create an individual fundraising page which also means you need a donation page to process transactions.

To customize these pages navigate to the “Edit” Tab in your Campaign Manager. Currently, you are only able to customize certain pieces of the page. For example, a default Team description or default Fundraiser description and default fundraising goal. It is up to the Team or Fundraiser to fully customize their campaign page using our Classy Campaign Builder when they login to their account.

The donation page will pull in the colors you chose as your primary and secondary colors on the Reg + Fundraising page.

Pro tip. Individual fundraisers should personalize their page and showcase their story! Giving your fundraisers the right tips and tools makes up to 3 times more successful. When a fundraiser registers, send them this fundraising tips sheet and our support article all about how to customize a fundraising page.

Reporting and Custom Questions

Custom Questions allow you to collect more information about your fundraisers and donors. For example, you may want to collect T-Shirt size for a run/walk event or find out why they've donated to your organization. For a Registration with Fundraising event, you can choose to have Custom Questions asked when an individual creates a fundraising page or as a donor is checking out. 

IMPORTANT: Setting up Question Questions correctly is critical to accurate reporting for your campaign. Please make sure to visit this support article for step-by-step-instructions to properly set up Custom Questions

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