Getting Started: What is Classy?

Last Updated: Feb 04, 2019 11:13AM PST

Welcome to Classy!

We’re glad that you’re here. To help you get started, we’ve put together a few guides. 


In this Guide:


What is Classy?

Classy is a suite of tools that helps you manage your online fundraising activity. With a user-friendly campaign builder and reporting tools, you can empower your team to modernize the giving experience for your supporters.At the moment, Classy also accepts donations from over 150 currencies. That means you can use Classy to reach supporters from almost anywhere with an Internet connection in over 190 countries. 

What can you do with Classy?

With Classy, you can create engaging fundraising campaigns and events as well as reports to keep track of your fundraising activity. From hosting an event such as a marathon or creating beautiful landing pages for donations on your website, Classy makes it possible. Then with a few simple clicks, you can create and share reports to help your organization keep track of your progress.  

Classy also makes it easy for you to access communication tools, integrations, and more. For example, you can also use our suite of tools to:

  • Create a donation checkout form for your website
  • Connect to popular integrations like MailChimp and Salesforce
  • Create campaign templates 

Who uses Classy?

Over 4,000 nonprofits and counting are using Classy. We welcome any nonprofits who want to empower their teams to create a modern and engaging online presence. In fact, with our free accounts, almost any nonprofit with Internet access can use Classy.Note: at the moment we only support organizations in the United States and Canada. We can’t make any promises for international support, but we we’re always looking toward the future.   

What are the technical requirements?

To get the best Classy experience, we recommend using a desktop or laptop with an up-to-date browser. We support all major browsers including:

  • Google Chrome
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Edge
  • Internet Explorer

To check your browser version, you can use this online tool


You can access your Classy account through a mobile device, but we recommend using a computer if you can. In any case, this ensures you can make an update to your account just in case you don’t have computer access. 

We support the latest OS versions for iOS and Android devices.