Classy Wordpress Plugins Support Article

Last Updated: May 10, 2017 12:54PM PDT

Classy develops and maintains Wordpress plugins to allow our customers to add standard, data presentation components/widgets to their Wordpress pages. Our Classy plugins offer simple, custom feature functionality to help enhance our customer’s Wordpress sites.

Our Wordpress plugins were created to allow our customers to easily integrate campaign summary data into their Wordpress sites and not require a seasoned programmer to “develop code”. These plugins also allow customers to add Classy features without having a deep understanding of the Classy data structures or integration programming.

1. Wordpress Plugin Overview
2. Installing the Plugin


1. Wordpress Plugin Overview

Shortcode API

Our shortcode API is a Wordpress-specific line of code allowing customers to connect to their Classy data with very little effort. The data can be presented on your home website in a standardized format, quickly and easily, without the need for a lot of development work. To utilize shortcodes, you can adding raw HTML or Visual Views of the site’s contents editor. As the page renders, shortcodes are interpreted and replaced with the corresponding widget.

The below example of shortcode widget HTML would render a progress bar of the total dollars raised for a specific campaign.

[classy-campaign-progress id="14608" title="My Big Campaign Progress Bar"]

Wordpress Widget

A WordPress Widget is a small block of Classy code that performs a specific function and is configured in the Customer’s Wordpress site’s available widgets configuration screen. Customers can add these widgets in Wordpress’ sidebars, also known as widget-ready areas, on their campaign site. The Classy widgets render specific campaign information in a graphical format.




Input Required

Classy Progress Bar

Lists the overall progress for a campaign in a status / progress bar format for a given campaign

Valid Classy  Campaign ID, Title (Replaces the defined Classy Campaign Title)

Classy Campaign Overview

Lists a campaign's key data points in tabular format for a give campaign including:
- Total Donations
- Total Raised
- Average Donation
- Total Donors

Valid Classy Campaign ID, Title (Replaces the defined Classy Campaign Title. 

Classy Top Fundraisers Leaderboard

Lists the top individual fundraisers for a given campaign 

Valid Classy Campaign ID, Title (Replaces the defined Classy Campaign Title

Classy Campaign Top Fundraising Team

Lists the top fundraising teams for a given campaign

Valid Classy Campaign ID, Title (Replaces the defined Classy Campaign Title)

2. Installing the Plugin

To utilize our plugins, you must first download the Classy Wordpress plugin files and install them in a specific directory on their computer. To download the file, please go here.
Once installed, enter your Classy API credentials in the Wordpress Admin’s Dashboard under the tab and click the Save Button. You will know the credentials saved correctly if you move away from this tab, come back, and see the credential values still entered.


For more details on the Wordpress plugin please refer to our technical documentation, located here.