How to Set Up Amount Raised Milestone Emails

Last Updated: Aug 17, 2018 10:41AM PDT

Amount Raised Milestone Emails are automatically sent to a fundraiser as soon as they have raised a specific dollar amount through their fundraising page. This article will describe how you can work smarter and not harder by using these triggered emails to more efficiently manage your Peer-to-Peer and Registration with Fundraising campaigns.


1. Navigate to the Classy Manager

If you’re in the classic dashboard view,  click on the avatar in the top right-hand of the screen and select “Try the new Classy Manager.”

2. Navigate to your Campaign Manager

Navigate to the Campaigns tab and open the relevant campaign to access the Campaign Manager.

3. Click the Email Tab

Once inside the Campaign Manager, click on the Email Tab.

4. Select Amount Raised Milestones

Then select Create New. Enter in the dollar amount that corresponds to the email that you will be sending out. Your fundraisers will receive this email once their fundraising progress bar passes this amount. In this example, the email will be sent to everyone who has raised $100.

5. Design your Email

After entering in a dollar amount, you will go through the three-step process of designing your email.


The Setup section allows you to customize how the email will appear in your fundraiser's inbox, and also provide them with an email to which they can respond with any questions.


The Content section is where you can design all the different aspects of your email. This is your chance to rally your fundraisers to go the extra mile to reach their fundraising goal, so be sure to use some inspiring images and words to give them the motivation they need!


Once you have created the email you want your fundraisers to receive, you can take it for a test run. Add an email to the Send Test Email to have a test copy of the complete email sent to you for review. If everything looks good, click Save!

If you have any question about your Dollar Amount Milestone Emails, please contact Classy Support for assistance.