Setting Up Donation Matching for New Donation Page Campaigns

Last Updated: Oct 04, 2017 10:45AM PDT

Everyone loves a good B.O.G.O. (Buy One, Get One) sale, which is why Donation Matching can be such a powerful tool for motivating your supporters to donate to your Donation Page campaign. This article will help you set up your campaign's matching sponsor, empowering donors to double up on their contributions to your campaigns!

1. Manage Your Campaign
2. Click Details
3. Click Donation Matching
4. Enter Matching Sponsor Details
5. Track Your Matching Sponsor


1. Manage Your Campaign

From your main organization Dashboard, navigate to your Fundraising Tab and click Manage next to the relevant campaign.

2. Click Details

Once you are inside your campaign manager select the Details Tab.

3. Click Donation Matching

4. Complete the Matching Sponsor Details

Fill out each of the required fields, add a Sponsor Image (optional) and then click Add Sponsor. The matching period can be limited to a specific end date and/or a matching limit. If you add a Sponsor Image, this is the image that will display in your public activity streams and in your Admin Dashboard.

5. Track your Matching Sponsor

Once a sponsor has been added, you can track progress towards the Matching Limit on this page. You can always make adjustments to the Matching Sponsor details by clicking the Edit button.

*Important Reporting Note: The Classy platform will only match online transactions, although matched donations appear in your Classy Reporting as offline donations

**Important Matching Note: Only one Donation Match will be applied to each transaction that is made within the matching period. In other words, if you establish two Matching Sponsors, with overlapping matching periods, transactions made during that period will not be matched by both sponsors. We recommend only running one match sponsorship at a time. It is also the organization's responsibility to coordinate monies owed by the sponsor offline. Classy does not collect or distribute any matched funds.

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