How to Design a Donation Page and Thank You Page

Last Updated: Oct 02, 2018 01:57PM PDT

This article covers how to customize the basic design of your Donation Page and Thank You Page. In the article, we'll provide a few best practices—including recommended image dimensions and placements—to help you engage your supporters. Topics include:

  1. Donation and Thank You Page Background Images
  2. The Headline
  3. Donation Settings
  4. Changing the Submit Button Text
  5. Classy Mode
  6. Saving Changes

1. Donation and Thank You Page Background Images

Image Requirements:

  • Under 2 MB in file size

  • JPG, PNG, or GIF

​​Recommended Image Size - 1280 x 720px

When choosing your Donation Page's background image, it is important to remember that the checkout form is slightly off-center toward the left, so you will have a more visible area on the right side of the screen. To that end, you may want to consider using an image where the main focus takes up the right side of the photo so it does not get covered by the donation checkout form. The same rule applies to the Thank You Page.

Background Image Position

Most of the background images have positioning settings that you can use to arrange the image within the corresponding block.

  • Adaptive Cover - Image will be centered and will ensure the image covers the entire visible background area no matter what size your image is.

  • Center - Image will be centered within the page.

  • Tile - Image will be repeated horizontally and vertically to cover all viewable space within the page.

  • Stretch - Image will stretch to match only the width of the user's screen resolution.

  • Cover & Fixed - The image is stretched to accommodate the height and width of the user's entire screen and is locked in place so it will not scroll with the page. This gives your campaign a very cool, three-dimensional effect.

Pro Tip: Stretch or Cover & Fixed are our favorite background position settings because they ensure that your image will always cover the entire screen. Additionally, Cover & Fixed gives the page a cool three-dimensional effect by leaving the image fixed in place as the page scrolls over the top. 

2. The Headline 

To change your headline and subhead, type your desired message into the appropriate text blocks. 

Donation Page Tips - We recommend keeping both your headline and subhead (the Donation Appeal) short and simple. Strong headlines and appeals show supporters they are making a difference or offer a clear call to action.
Thank You Page Tips - We recommend short headlines that clearly thank supporters for their donations. The subhead (the Supporting Message) is your chance to explain how much their support means to your organization—these can be a bit longer.
Note: This is the last basic customization you can make for Thank You Pages. ​

3. Donation Settings 

Classy provides the ability to adjust the donation types and amounts that appear on a donation form. To learn more about adjusting donation settings, please visit this article

4. Submit Donation Button

To change the text in your submit button, scroll to the Submit Button Text section in your editor. Type your new message into the text block.   

5. Classy Mode 

The Donation Page editor also offers the option to manage your Classy Mode settings. In simple terms, Classy Mode is a feature that gives supporters the option to cover the transaction fees for donations made to your organization. To learn more about Classy Mode and how to set it up, please visit this link

6. Save Your Changes

Be sure to tap the save button at the bottom of your editor to save your changes. 

Have any questions? Feel free to reach out to Classy Support for assistance.