Details around Classy’s Recurring Optimization Initiative

Last Updated: Oct 17, 2018 12:55PM PDT

Classy launched a recurring donation optimization feature aimed to increase monthly donor support for your organization. This feature is available for crowdfunding and donation campaigns that both accept one-time and recurring gifts. If you’d prefer not to utilize this feature, follow the instructions in this support article to toggle this setting off. These steps will need to be completed for each Crowdfunding Campaign and/or Donation Page opting out.



1. Navigate to your Crowdfunding or Donation Page

2. Select the Edit tab

3. Choose Donation Page

4. Navigate to Donation Settings

5. Toggle Optimization Off

Under Donation Settings select the radio button next to No following the Participate in the optimization setting

Be sure to click Save Changes to ensure your selection is applied.

Questions? The Classy Support Team is here to help.