Classy Passport Reporting Explained

Last Updated: Aug 09, 2018 09:23AM PDT

You can run reports on Passport transactions through Classy, Salesforce, and Omatic to better understand the demographics and distribution of your donors. This support article will go over the reportable Passport fields in each respective product.



Four columns are available in the Transactions Report for Passport transactions at the organization level and campaign level. Other than Gross Amount, these are optional fields that must be added using the "Columns" selection interface.

Gross Amount - This is a standard column that has always populated Classy transactions reports. This will display the default amount (defined in the Glossary) of any transaction along with the default currency symbol in the same column (will likely be USD). This amount is created using the conversion rates at the time of the donation.
Charged Currency (currency code) - 3 letter ISO code for the currency the donation was processed in (USD is the default and any other currency requires an additional processing account to be configured per currency prior to donation)
Charged Amount - The donation amount in the charged currency processed prior to settlement.
Display Currency (currency code) - 3 letter ISO code for the selected raw currency chosen by the donor on the donation form. It can be any of the 130+ available raw currencies exposed on the checkout pages. 
Display Amount - The donation amount in the raw currency prior to any conversions that may take place.


Classy for Salesforce includes the same information found in your Classy reports, and then some:

Currency Code - Default currency of the transaction
Amount - Default amount of the transaction
Raw Total Gross Amount - Transaction total in the raw amount
Raw Currency Code - 3 letter ISO 4217 currency code of the donor-chosen currency
Raw Overhead Net Amount - This was created in case Classy chooses to add Passport features to Classy Events, and represents the non-tax deductible portion of the Raw Ticket amount, as defined by the organization
Charged Currency Code - 3 letter ISO 4217 currency code of the charged currency
Charged Total Gross Amount - Transaction total charged by the processor
Charged Classy Fees Amount - Classy fees for the charged total
Charged Fees Amount - Classy and processor fees in the charged currency
Charged Processor Fees Amount - Fees charged by the processor


Omatic completed a new version of their connector to support Passport-related data fields on October 9. Per Omatic, customers will need to upgrade their existing connector. Omatic's resources can be found below.

Questions? The Classy Support Team is here to help.