How to Manage a Campaign with Classy Passport

Last Updated: Aug 09, 2018 01:56PM PDT

Classy Passport allows you to create campaigns and fundraising pages that engage supporters across the world. Passport encompasses multi-currency display for fundraisers and donors under one campaign and supports donations from 130+ currencies. Passport is supported on Donation Pages, Peer to Peer Campaigns, and Crowdfunding Campaigns. It is not supported on Event pages. You can read more about Classy Passport here.  This support article will explain what you can expect when managing a campaign utilizing Classy Passport.



Landing Page

In this example, the organization has set up an Australian campaign that will display the fundraising goal in Australian dollars. Because the Display Currency for the campaign is set to AUD, the Landing Page will display a fundraising goal in AUD. 

You can change the fundraising goal and Display Currency of your campaign at any time within the Campaign Builder.

Checkout Page

The suggested donation amounts on the Checkout Page will display in the donor's currency based on their browser settings. For instance, if the donor's browser settings are set to English (United States), the suggested donation amounts will appear in USD. Below is an example of browser settings within Google Chrome.

Because the browser setting is English (United States), the suggested donation amounts will appear in USD.

Individual Fundraising Page

On the Individual Fundraising Page, the fundraising goal is set in the currency selected by the individual fundraiser when creating their page. In this example, although this is an Australian fundraising campaign, a fundraiser in France would be able to set their fundraising goal to their native currency (Euros). Donations made to this fundraising page would be normalized to appear in Euros on the progress bar.


Team Fundraising Page

On the Team Fundraising Page, the fundraising goal is set in the currency selected by the team captain when creating the page. In this example, where we have a Canadian fundraising team, a fundraiser in Paris (see Britney's avatar) can still fundraise in their native currency (Euros). On the team page, Classy will display a normalized fundraising total in Canadian Dollars despite all the team members potentially fundraising in different currencies. For more information on how we display a single currency across multiple currencies, please click here.


We show the amount of the donation in every currency type, including Raw, Changed, and Normalized. You can learn more about Passport Reporting here.

Questions? The Classy Support Team is here to help.