How Do Multiple Currencies Roll Up to the Campaign Fundraising Goal?

Last Updated: Aug 09, 2018 01:28PM PDT

Classy Passport allows you to more personally engage your international supporters. This article will explain how multiple currencies roll up into your campaign fundraising goals.  

Calculating total raised across multiple currencies requires all currencies be normalized (meaning that they are converted into a single, default currency) in order to be displayed consistently (eg. $1,000 of a $5,000 goal). Please note that this currency default process is influenced by conversion rates, which change daily, so you may see fluctuations in your fundraising totals.  Classy Passport is able to support over 130 currencies.

On Fundraising Pages, the fundraising goal is set in the currency selected by the team captain or by the individual fundraiser.  Even after someone creates a team page, individual fundraisers can join the team even though they may have a different currency set for their individual fundraising goal. In this example, this team is a Canadian fundraising team, but a fundraiser in Paris (see Britney's avatar), can still fundraise in their native currency (Euros). On the team page, Classy will display a single total raised in Canadian Dollars (set by the team captain) across all currencies.


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