Successful Upgrade Guide

Last Updated: Jun 26, 2018 12:34PM PDT

The following guide will help you prepare for your Donation Page upgrade. We are excited to offer you the ability to move onto the new code base without any interruption to your campaign, fundraisers, or data! Many Orgs have already gone through this process with great success! We hope you find this guide and FAQs helpful to ensure your own upgrading success!
Happy Upgrading!

1. Prepping Your Assets
2. Upgrade Day
3. Frequently Asked Questions


1. Prepping Your Assets

As we are sure you have noticed the new look and feel of the Peer-to-Peer and Donation Page campaigns is quite different on our new code base, and allows your brand to be front and center even better than before. With that being said a few minor things may not upgrade simply because the layout is so different. Below you will find the key changes we want you to be aware of as well as a full list of how various design features in your current campaign will be impacted.

Most importantly to note-- you will have to update the areas on the campaign that are not present on the current classic campaign. Click here to see an exhaustive list of elements that will be included in the upgrade.

If you have questions about specific design features within your current campaign, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Classy Support Team.

Known items that upgrade over:

  • Data & Reporting. The upgrade tool primarily impacts the look and feel of the campaign and does NOT touch any data associated with the campaign. Your data and reporting will NOT be impacted by this tool. In the case you are exporting or using our APIs to connect to a 3rd party system, you should not have any disruption.

  • Content. All written content on the page should upgrade successfully. This includes content on the Campaign landing page, Fundraising Page, Team Page as well as the donation checkout page and receipting.

  • Colors. Campaign colors that were selected at campaign creation should upgrade successfully.

  • Custom Questions. If you added any custom questions to the campaign they will still be applied and all answers will be preserved and able to be accessed through your reports.

  • Reporting. All reporting will remain the same, including the campaign ID. If you export or use our APIs to connect to a 3rd party system you should not have any disruption.

Known items that do not upgrade:

  • Advanced Customizations. If you had the Classy support team customize the right hand panel, footer, buttons, etc this will not upgrade over. Some of these customization you can now can do on your own, for example a custom footer.  One item in particular, removing the phone number from the 'Your Information' section is no longer able to be done.

  • URL. You will have a new URL associated to this campaign BUT we created an auto-redirect so that your old campaign URL redirects to the new one. For example, if you have marketing material already out for your campaign it can still be used and will auto redirect to the new campaign. As a reminder, your campaign ID will remain the same.

To review all aspects of the upgrade please consult the following table.

2. Upgrade Day

On the day of the upgrade the email address designated as the host (classic) and campaign contact (new) will receive an email notifying them of the completed upgrade. To ensure your campaign has been successfully upgraded, your campaign builder should look different as it is now living on the new fundraising suite. Despite the builder looking different and having many more features you will still access this in the same way, via the Fundraising tab. New to the builder? Here’s a series of support articles to get you started.

We highly encourage you to review your campaign and update the new areas as well as a few items that may have not upgraded over.

3. Frequently Asked Questions

Do all my peer to peer and donation pages need to be upgraded? Yes! 

I’m currently only using PayPal, can I still upgrade? Unfortunately, no! You will need to move to a Classy supported payment processor. To retain the ability to transact via PayPal, you will need to create a Braintree account. Otherwise, feel free to take a look at our other supported payment processors.

How will my reports be impacted? Your reports are untouched by this upgrade so you can expect no interruption.

If I have the Classy for Salesforce integration, how will the upgrade impact the syncing of data? There will be no impact on the syncing of the data. All aspects of the data will remain the same and continue to sync with Salesforce.  We do ask that prior to upgrading, the Classy support team is granted access to your Salesforce instance.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to support here.