How to Create a Ticketed Event

Last Updated: Oct 04, 2018 09:26AM PDT

This support article will walk you through how to create, configure, and design a new Ticketed event on Classy.

1. Create the Event

Open the Campaigns tab on the left-hand side of your dashboard. Click the green Create New button, and select Ticketed Event.

2. Enter the Basic Campaign Details

Once you click Create new, you will enter a 3-step process that guides you through setting the foundation of your Ticketed event. First, enter your basic campaign information to get started. All elements you set up now can be edited later. 

3. Create the Event Tickets

Once you've entered your basic campaign details, create the tickets for your event and click Next Step to continue. You can find more information on creating tickets here

4. Set Event Theme

The theme section allows you to set the basic branding for your event. This will transfer to your event pages later in the process, so you have a head start on your Registration with Fundraising event's design. You can always modify your global theme later. During this step, you can upload an event logo, hero image, and primary color. After you finish these steps, you will land in your event's Overview tab. You can always return to the Details tab to modify the information you've already entered. 


After you've set your event theme and created your campaign draft navigate from the Overview tab to the Pages tab to fully customize your event From the Pages tab, you can customize each of your campaign pages. Below you can find design tips for each page. 


Don't kick off your launch party just yet! There are still some essential steps to put the finishing touches on your campaign before you publish. The Design tab will only become available to you once you have exited the Builder and entered the Campaign Manager by creating the draft of your campaign. To enter the Campaign Manager, complete all six steps in the Builder and save your campaign draft. 

If you want complete creative control over your campaigns, the Design tab is where you will likely be spending most of your time within the Campaign Manager. The Design tab can be found editing the individual pages of your campaign. You'll find it on the righthand side of the screen next to Setup.


After you've set up and designed your campaign, navigate to the Details tab to adjust your campaign settings. Below you can find support articles that outline how to use the various features available in the Details tab of your campaign.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Classy Support Team.