How to Change Your Ticket Term

Last Updated: Jan 10, 2019 02:28PM PST

With Classy, you can change the term of your tickets so that it matches your event. For example, you could call a ticket a “registration” for a marathon. Or you could keep the term “ticket” for events like concerts. The idea is to help your supporters understand exactly what they are signing up for.  

In this article, you will learn how to change the term of your tickets:

  1. Open Your Event’s Ticket Settings
  2. Change the Ticket Term

Open your Event’s Ticket Settings

1. Open the campaign/event you want to edit
2. Click the Details tab
3. Select Tickets from the left-hand menu

Change the Ticket Term

1. Click on Change Term at the top left of the ticket

Note: If you have multiple tickets, the Change Term link will only appear on the first ticket. That means the term you choose will apply to all of your tickets—there is not an option to have tickets with different terms. 

2. Choose what to call your tickets from the Name of Tickets dropdown 
3. Click Save

Pro Tip: Choose a term that pairs well with your event type. For example, if you host a concert, consider choosing “tickets.” But if you’re hosting a race, “entries” or “registrations” will be the better terms. 


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