How to Change the Term for your Event

Last Updated: Mar 14, 2018 03:13PM PDT

Within a Ticketed Event you will have the option to choose what term you would like to have for your event. These include Tickets, Entries, and Registrations. For instance if you are having a concert you might want tickets to be listed versus if you are having a race where you might want to have entries listed. This term can be set when you create the event and can also be changed throughout your event if needed. Keep in mind that this ticket term will apply to all tickets that are created for the event.

1.Manage your campaign
2. Navigate to the Ticket Term section
3. Change the Ticket Term


Manage your campaign

From the Fundraising Tab, click Manage next to the campaign you want to edit.

Navigate to the Ticket Term section

From the Campaign Dashboard select Details and select Ticket 

Change the Ticket Term

Select Change Term and then choose the term you would like from the dropdown menu, then press Save

Keep in mind that you will notice that the term then change within the Campaign Dashboard and also on the Landing Page for attendees.

If you have any questions additional questions, please contact Classy Support for assistance.