How to Use the Advanced Designer

Last Updated: Nov 30, 2018 06:52PM PST

The advanced designer is a tool you can access in any Classy campaign. From changing button colors to adding custom blocks, you can use the advanced designer to fine tune the look and feel of your campaigns.

In this article, you will learn the basics of using the advanced designer.

  1. Accessing the Advanced Designer
  2. Using the Advanced Designer
  3. FAQ

Accessing the Advanced Designer

1.  Open the campaign you want to edit2. Click on the Pages Tab
3. Click on the page you want to edit from the list that appears
4. Click on the Design tab to open the Advanced Designer 

Note: Depending on the campaign type and page you choose, the design tools that appear may differ. But the process of using the tools is identical—you can use the steps in this guide to customize the design of any page. 

Using the Advanced Designer

The advanced designer is split into two parts: the content block menu on the left and a preview of your page on the right. You can use both to customize your design and you can learn how below. 

The Content Blocks

The content block menu is where you will make the majority of your design edits. The content blocks that appear will depend on the campaign type and page you choose to edit. But no matter your choice, editing a content block always boils down to the same 5 steps:

Google Logo1. Click on a content block to access its design tools
2. Use the design tools to make the edits you want
3. Click the Save & Update Page button to save your edits
4. Click the back link at the top of the content block editor to return to the content block menu 
5. Repeat the process for the other content blocks

Pro tip: Unsure of which content block to start with? Click the design element you would like to change in the preview to the right and the advanced designer will open the matching content block for you. You can also take a look at our content block glossary to learn more 

The Preview 

The preview shows you what your edits will look like as you make them. But you can also use the preview to open content blocks and edit text.

“advanced 1. In the preview, click on the design element you want to edit

  • The matching content block and design tool will automatically open to the left

2. In the preview, click on the text you want to edit

  • If an editing bar appears, you can use it to customize your text 


Can I change the order of content blocks?

Yes. Movable content blocks will have arrows to the left of them. To move the block, click on the arrows and drag it to the desired location in the content block menu. The only locations a content cannot be placed is before the Header and Hero block or after the Footer block. 

Can I create custom content? 

The advanced designer allows you to create two custom content blocks: a custom text block and a custom code block. It is important to note that custom code blocks require coding knowledge. View our custom text block guide or custom code block guide to learn more.

If you have additional questions, you can start a conversation with our Care Team. 

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