Classy for Salesforce - Data Health Metrics

Last Updated: Oct 11, 2018 11:57AM PDT


The Classy Data Health Metrics section of the Control Panel will provide a more in-depth look at the configuration of your Classy for Salesforce integration. The Health Metrics page is broken out into three sections: Last 5 Synced Classy Data, API Credentials, & System Configuration.


Last 5 Synced Classy Data

This section will display the last five records that were attempted to sync from Classy to your Salesforce instance. The data name will be shown here including the type of record being synced and the related Classy ID for that record. In addition, you will be able to see the time stamps from these API requests and also have the ability to use the Refresh Data button to update the list and check on your real-time sync. Selecting View All will direct you to our Classy API Requests object, which you can find more information by clicking here.


API Credentials

The API Credentials section will show which Classy Organization ID is currently connected to Salesforce and whether or not it is active. If you use multiple Classy accounts linked to the same Salesforce instance, each will be listed here. 

System Configuration


Classy Environment: This will indicate whether you are connected to a Classy production instance or staging environment.

Auto Correct Missing Data: Will show whether this setting is enabled or not. When enabled, the integration will validate if related data exists in Salesforce and fetch missing data from Classy. 

Contact Matching Mode: This lets you know if you have chosen to enable Salesforce Enhanced Contact Matching. To enable/disable navigate to the Account & Contact Management option located under the Configuration tab within the Classy Control Panel.

OAuth User: The name and profile of the user who set up and authenticated the Classy for Salesforce integration will live here. Please be mindful that for the integration to work properly, this user must be active and a System Admin.