How to Sync Data with Classy for Salesforce

Last Updated: Jan 31, 2019 06:39PM PST

Once set up, the Classy for Salesforce integration automatically syncs data behind the scenes. However, there may be times when your organization needs to re-sync data or sync historical Classy data to Salesforce. You can do so with the Data Sync Tool in your Classy Control Panel. 

In this article, you will learn how to access and use the data sync tool: 

  1. Open the Classy Control Panel
  2. Sync Your Data

Open the Classy Control Panel

1. Log in to Salesforce
2. Open the App Launcher by clicking the dots under the cloud icon (top left)3. Scroll down to the All Items list
4. Click on Classy Control Panel  

Note: If you are in Salesforce Classic, click the All Tabs (+) button and then select Classy Control Panel  

Sync Your Data

Open the Data Sync Tool

1. Click Data Health in the left hand menu
2. Click on Data Sync

Find Missing Data

1. Select the type of data you want to find under Data Type
2. Set the date range under Start Date and End Date 
3. Click Find 

Note: The Find tool only searches for data that has not been synced—any data that you synced before will not appear in your results. Once the search is complete, you will receive a notification email. 

Create the Data

1. To make your data appear, click the Refresh Results button
2. (Optional) Filter your results using the 3 tools explained below: 

  • Select the type of data you want to find under Data Type
  • Choose the number of results you want to display per page under Records to Display
  • Use the Classy ID search bar to search for data related to a specific ID

3. To prepare all your data for syncing, mark the Select All checkbox in your results

  • To sync certain results, only mark the checkboxes next to the results you want to sync

4. Click Create Data to begin the sync

Check the Status

1. Open the App Launcher
2. Scroll down to the All Items list
3. Click on API Requests
4. Switch the list view for the dropdown at the top left to WaitingIf there are 0 results, that means your sync is complete. If items appear, the data sync tool is still processing your data—syncing a large amount of data can require more time. 

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