Introducing the New Classy Mode

Last Updated: Oct 05, 2018 08:34AM PDT

Since introducing Classy Mode, a feature that gives supporters the option to cover the transaction fees for donations made to your organization, Classy has found that over 60% of donors opt to cover transaction fees when the option is available to them. Classy Mode can be enabled for both ticket/registration purchases and donations. With improvements in the new Classy Mode feature, we hope to further your organization’s impact by allowing you to choose the exact fee percentage passed on to the donor.


So, what is the new Classy Mode?

Previously, Classy Mode could be enabled within a specific campaign and would be set to include the Organization’s Classy Transaction fee + Payment Processor Fee only if an organization uses WePay. Now, Classy Mode is configurable by the organization and can be defined at both the organization level and within a specific campaign. Furthermore, organizations can set the fee percentage to any amount you would like, regardless of payment processor. The option to cover the fee is always at the discretion of the supporter for donations. For registrations and ticket purchases, Classy admins determine whether fees will be passed on to the buyer or included in the ticket price.

When new campaigns are created, the Classy Mode value will be set based on the value at the organization level, but can be adjusted at any time.

Where do I set Classy Mode?

At the organization-level:

  1. Navigate to the Classy Manager
  2. Click Settings
  3. Click Organization
  4. Click Edit
  5. Set the fee percentage added to the donation
  6. Click Save

At the campaign-level:

  1. Navigate to the Campaign Manager
  2. Select the Details tab
  3. Select the Donation Page section from the listing on the left
  4. Scroll to the Classy Mode section
  5. Check Allow
  6. Set the fee percentage added to the donation
  7. Edit the Appeal
  8. Click Save

Where can I find my Classy Transaction Fee?

  1. Navigate to the Classy Manager
  2. Click Settings
  3. Click Billing
  4. Refer to Plan Details section

What types of Campaigns can utilize Classy Mode?

Classy Mode can be used with any campaign type on Classy, including Events.

What does Classy Mode look like in reporting?

You asked, we answered! There will now be a column in the transactions report indicating the Classy Mode percentage that was applied for both one-time transactions and monthly recurring profiles. Note: The Classy Mode percentage will only display for transactions submitted after this feature is released on 5/23/18.

Can I change the Classy Mode setting on an active campaign?

Sure thing! Classy Mode percentages can be changed at any time during a campaign’s lifecycle. Once the new Classy Mode percentage has been saved, all subsequent transactions or recurring donations will reflect the new Classy Mode adjustment. Please note, existing recurring donations will continue to be processed using the fee percentage at the time the recurring donation was created. Changing the Classy Mode percentage will not retroactively update existing recurring donations.

How does Classy Mode work with discount codes?

If a donor applies a discount code to their registration purchase, the Classy Mode percentage will be applied to the discounted amount (the transaction amount after the discount code has been applied).

Do I need to change the Classy Mode Appeal language?

We recommend reviewing the Classy Mode Appeal language for all existing and new campaigns to ensure it is accurate in terms of the fee percentage being covered by the donor.

How are Classy Mode transactions billed?

Classy transaction fees are applied against the gross donation amount, which includes the Classy Mode adjustment.

For example, let’s assume your Classy transaction fees are 3%, and Classy Mode is set at 3%. If a donor makes a $100 donation, then decides to cover the fees, the gross donation will be $103 ($100 donation + $3 adjusted to cover fees), and Classy will bill against the $103 gross donation.

How does this release change existing Classy Mode?, PayPal, or Braintree Customers

If your organization uses one of these processors, the default percentage for Classy Mode was set to your Classy transaction fee percentage. You now have the control to adjust this percentage to include your payment processor fees. Simply add these to the fees for Classy transactions and change your Classy Mode percentage to equal Classy fees + processor fees.

WePay Customers

Because the new Classy Mode is strictly percentage-based, the new Classy Mode fee on top calculation does not include the $0.30 flat fee that WePay charges per transaction; WePay transactions are a combination of the 2.2% processing fee + $0.30. By default, the percentage of your Classy Mode is equal to the percentage of your Classy fee + the 2.2% WePay processing fee. For example, if your Classy fee is 3% Classy Mode is set to 5.2% by default. If there are concerns about capturing the $0.30 flat charge it is certainly possible to increase Classy Mode to cover this cost.

Old Classy Mode Fee-on-Top Calculation

Classy Fee: 3%
WePay Fee: 2.2% + $0.30
Intended Donation: $20

WePay fees are taken on the gross total for the transaction:

$21.37 x 2.2% + $0.30 = $0.77

Classy fees are taken on the intended donation amount:

$20 x 3% = $0.60

Total Fees = $1.37
Gross Amount = $21.37
Net Donation = $20

New Classy Mode Fee-on-Top Calculation

Classy Mode Fee Set by Organization: 5.2%
Intended donation: $20
Gross amount: $21.04

Payment processor and Classy fees are calculated on the gross amount.

$21.04 x 5.2% + $0.30 = $1.39

Total Fees = $1.39
Gross Amount = $21.04
Amount going to the organization = $19.65

Can I see an example?

Of course! Here are a few scenarios:

Have a question we didn’t cover? Feel free to reach out to the Classy Support Team here.