How to Design a Peer-to-Peer Fundraiser Page

Last Updated: Oct 08, 2018 04:57PM PDT

This article contains all image dimensions and recommended image placements for designing a Peer-to-Peer Campaign Fundraiser Page.

Image Requirements:

- Under 2 MB in file size,
- JPG, PNG, or GIF
- We highly recommend you use the following image dimensions.


412px x 77px (recommended)

Add your organization's logo or a specific logo to your Peer-to-Peer campaign pages. The logo is displayed in the left-hand corner of your individual fundraising pages. You can also use a square image. If you use a square image we recommend 55px x 55px for best resolution.


1280 x 720px (recommended)

The Cover Photo is the most prominent image on an Individual Fundraising Page. This allows you to set the tone for the page and provide some great visuals to show what this individual is fundraising for. The fundraiser does have the ability to change the Cover Photo for their page, but it is always wise to include a default photo, because there will be some fundraisers that do not take advantage of that customization option.

Important Cover Photo Recommendations:

- The Header on the Fundraising Page will always cover the top 100px of your Cover Photo. One way to ensure that your Cover Photo can be seen completely is to set the opacity of your Header to 0.

- Due to our pages being completely mobile responsive, the portion of your Cover Photo that will display varies depending on the screen size of the device you are viewing the page through. If your Cover Photo includes important text or content that you want to make sure always displays, regardless of screen size, make sure to add that text to the very center of your image and avoid placing it along any of the edges.

- Using Cover & Fixed for this photo is not recommended for this image. This setting will set the image to cover the entire height and width of the screen, not just the viewable area for the Cover Photo. Using Stretch is the recommended positioning for Cover Photos.


320px x 320px (recommended)

Although Fundraisers do have the ability to replace your Default Photo with their own photo, it is always wise to add a default photo to your page template because not every fundraiser will update their photo. This gives you another chance to get your branding out there, or to create a campaign specific image that relates to what the individual is raising money for.


590px x 332px (recommended)

300px x 50px (recommended)
590px x 332px (max)

The footer logo will show up in the bottom left-hand corner of your campaign. It can also be uploaded as a square, but should be kept at 55px x 55px for best resolution.


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