How do I View Custom Question Responses in One Place?

Last Updated: Nov 16, 2018 12:51PM PST

Classy provides the ability to see the responses to your custom questions in one main report. This support article explains how to create the report.

List of steps:

  1. Create a Transactions Report
  2. Select the Custom Questions Filter
  3. Choose the Questions
  4. Save and Export

Create a Transactions Report

1. Select Reports from the Classy Manager navigation
2. Under General Reports, select a Transactions Report  

A transactions report is the easiest way to gather all your custom question data in one place. But you can also see responses to questions by creating:

  • An attendees report - only includes questions and responses from your event campaigns
  • A fundraising page report - only includes questions and responses from individual fundraisers
  • A fundraising team report - only includes questions and responses from fundraising teams

Custom Questions Filter

1. Click on the Custom Questions filter

  • This will open your filter settings

Choose Your Questions

Sorting by Campaign

This option allows you to see questions and responses from a particular campaign. To add a question and its responses to your report, tap on the questions that you want to appear. You can also use the campaign drop-down to view questions from a specific campaign or the search bar to search for questions. When you successfully add a question and its responses to your report, a notification will appear in the upper right corner of your screen.  

Grouping by Question

Grouping by question lets you choose the specific questions you want to see responses for—results will include responses from all campaigns that use the questions. You can scroll through the questions or use the search bar to search for specific questions. Tap on the questions you want to appear in your report. Note: If you plan to use the same question across multiple campaigns, we recommend making the text completely identical. Unless the text is identical, Classy will list both questions—this can lead to unwanted duplicates. For example, What is your T-Shirt size? will be treated as a different question than What is your t-Shirt size? and both will appear in your search results. If you have duplicates, you can always go back and edit questions to make them identical. For more on how to edit questions, click here.   

Save and Export

From here you can continue to build your report or export it.1. Click the Save button to save your report
2. If your report is done, use
the export or share buttons to export your report

  • The buttons are located to the left of the Save button

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