How to Add Cash or Check Donations to a Fundraising Page

Last Updated: Oct 17, 2018 12:06PM PDT

If you're a supporter who is fundraising for a nonprofit, you may have donors who prefer to give via cash or check. This article explains how to add those donations to your fundraising page.


1. Contact the Organization

If someone contributes to your fundraiser with cash or a check, contact the organization you are fundraising for in order to obtain their mailing address. There is often a preferred mailing address for donations.

2. Mail the Organization the Offline Gifts

Once you've obtained the organization's preferred address, mail your cash or check donations in along with your name and the URL of your fundraising page.

3. The Organization Adds the Offline Gifts to the Fundraising Page

Once the organization receives your mailed donations, they have the ability to add those contributions to your fundraising page total using the "offline gifts" functionality. Only an organization administrator or campaign administrator can add an offline gift. You must go through the organization in order to reflect this progress on your fundraising page.