How Do I Find the Link for My Campaign?

Last Updated: Jan 27, 2017 09:18AM PST

Each campaign page is given a unique page URL and Event ID, which tells our system how to identify a certain event. The URL to your page is where you will send your supporters to either make donations, create fundraising pages, or register or buy tickets for an event. Follow the steps below to locate your event URL.

1. Locate Campaign Manager
2. From the Campaign Landing Page
3. From the Promotion Box


Locate the Campaign Manager

The campaign Manager of your page should be viewed as the home-base of your campaign. This is where all the details of your campaign live. You can edit the details, appearance, and advance settings of your campaign from here. You can also pull campaign specific reports for your campaign as well.

From the Campaign Landing Page

To find your campaign URL, click View and a new window will open up with your Campaign landing page. In the address, bar you will see the URL for your page. Copy the URL and you're all set to start sharing with your supporters.

From the Promotion Box

You can also find the URL for your page from the Promote Box located in the Campaign Manager. To get the URL to your page from here, click Copy Campaign URL.

A pop-up will appear, you will be able to copy the URL for your campaign here.

With your campaign URLs in your back pocket, you are now ready to share your campaign with your supporters, friends and family. If you've setup a Vanity URL, your Vanity URL will simply forward to your main campaign URL. It will not replace your event URL. Should you have any questions around the link to your page or Vanity URLs feel free to submit your question here.