How do I edit the Email Receipts for my Registration with Fundraising Event?

Last Updated: Mar 02, 2014 05:25PM PST
StayClassy's new Registration with Fundraising now offers the ability to customize two different email receipts: one to thank a participant for registering and another to thank those who simply donate. See below how to customize both email templates. 

1. Select a Campaign
Login to your Nonprofit Dashboard and select the Fundraising tab to locate the Registration with Fundraising event you'd like to manage. From the Fundraiser Overview section hover over the Edit tab and select Email Templates. 

2. Edit the Donation Receipt Email
From the email templates available, select the Donation Receipt Email option. Enter in the message your donors will receive when they donate to your campaign. Note: This template will not be sent to those who register for your event. 

 3. Edit the Ticket Receipt Email
The Ticket Receipt Email is included in the message sent to supporters after registering for your event. This message should include any additional event information that your registrants may need such as suggested arrival time, parking information, etc. 

 4. Save & Finish
Once you've edited both email templates, select Save to finish or continue editing

For additional information on editing your receipt templates, please contact