What's a Recurring Donation Campaign?

Last Updated: May 03, 2018 01:11PM PDT
Many nonprofits are always looking for additional sources of donations during the months in-between fundraisers. A great option is what's a "Recurring Donation Campaign".

A Recurring Donation Campaign is a fundraising initiative based around rallying supporters to invest in a monthly donation. Monthly recurring donations can be a great and reliable source of donation revenue. To set up a recurring donation page, just follow the steps below:

1. Create Your Recurring Donation Page

Use StayClassy's Fundraiser Creation Process to build and customize your very own recurring donation page. First, head over to your Dashboard and select the Fundraising Tab. Once there, hover over the "Create New" tab to select Donation Page. 

2. Enter Donation Page Details

First up, give your Donation Page a name and an overall goal (these are for you, and hidden from donors). Usually the title is based around the idea of the campaign, like "Holiday Donation Campaign", for example. 

Next, add a Headline and Supporting Appeal to your page. This is the headline and message donors will see when they first visit your Donation Page. 

Then you can choose the default donation method. If you're setting up a Recurring Donation Campaign, we suggest selecting "Monthly recurring donation pre-selected".

After choosing your default donation method, you can decide which amounts appear on the checkout page. You can also a pre-fill amount that will populate the "Other" field. 

Customize the tax-deductibility language included on each receipt, as well as the "Additional Information" field which will appear on the right hand side of the Donation Page. 

Here's how it will look:

You can also enable/disable some donor settings, such as commenting on donations and anonymous donations.

3. Design and Preview

Once you've added your Donation Page Details, you can continue to Design and Preview to add some color to your page.