Advanced Options for Ticketed and Registration Events

Last Updated: Mar 20, 2013 01:59PM PDT
Once you've created a fundraising campaign or event in StayClassy, you'll be introduced to your Event Overview. The Event Overview has a number of unique features and in this post, we'll breakdown what's included in the Advanced Options section.

Advanced Options

The Advanced Options in your Event Overview gives you some unique administrative options when it comes to your fundraising campaigns and events, including vanity URLs and Custom questions.


The Settings included in your Advanced tab include:

- Setting your campaign or event as public or private (i.e. searchable on the web)
- Setting the host and contact of your fundraiser

- Setting a vanity or shortened URL
- Displaying or hiding your fundraising progress bar
- Enabling/disabling Team Fundraising (if it's a fundraising campaign)
- Selecting specific keywords that will help people search for your fundraiser on the web

Custom Questions

Here you can add any number of pre-selected questions, or add in your own. For fundraising campaigns, these questions will be asked while creating a fundraising page, and for ticketed/registration events they will be asked when checkout out.

When adding your own custom fields for people to answer (T-Shirt size, etc.), there are several different types of answers you can provide for users to select from. Once you've added your custom question, click Save to finish or add another.


The workshops feature allows you to add different workshops leading up to event, for instance if you're hosting a marathon or run/walk, a workshop could consist of a training or practice session.