Managing Your Recurring Donors

Last Updated: May 03, 2018 01:14PM PDT

Occasionally you will have a recurring donor either want to cancel their payment or update their billing information. As an account administrator you always have the option to update or cancel a recurring donation from directly within the Recurring Donors report. Please follow the steps below to get started.

1. Build Your Recurring Donation Report
2. Find the Recurring Profile in the Reports
3. Cancel or Edit Recurring Donation


1. Build Your Recurring Donation Report

From the Dashboard, hover over the Reports tab and click on the Recurring Donors option.

2. Find the Recurring Profile in the Reports

The easiest way to locate a recurring profile is by using the Quick Find or Filter tool located on the left hand side of the report.

Once found, click on the Edit icon on the left hand side of the report. A recurring profile modal will pop up allowing you to edit the donation

If you are unsure of the Status of the recurring profile, scroll to the far right of the report to view the Status column. If the status is set to Cancelled, you will be unable to edit.

3. Edit Payment Information

Once you press Edit you will be prompted to either cancel the payment or update the billing information. When updating the information, all fields on the form are required and will need to be filled in with the appropriate billing information.

Cancelling a recurring donation will not affect any previous charges billed. This will simply discontinue any charges from being made, moving forward

Below are a few things to remember when editing a recurring profile:

Past Due Recurring Profiles

Depending on how long a recurring profile has been past due, the donor may not be charged until their next billing date. Unfortunately, we are unable to recoup the missed donation.

Updating Recurring Credit Card

When updating a recurring profile, you will not be able to see the current credit card information on file. This is encrypted information that neither Classy or your payment processor can access.

Updating Recurring Billing Amount

At this time we do not have the functionality to update the billing amount on a recurring donation. To change the amount charged, we suggest canceling the recurring payment and creating a new one.

Error Message when Updating Recurring

If for whatever reason your receive an error message when updating a recurring profile, please contact our support team at with a screen shot of the posted error message.