Ticketed / Registration - Design Your Page

Last Updated: Jun 29, 2016 01:41PM PDT

Once you’ve filled out all the ticket / registration settings, you’re ready to move on and design your event page by clicking “Continue to Design & Preview.” ​

The Classic Design Builder for all campaign types are relatively similar. For a ticketing / registration event, you can upload your logo and brand colors to the header, add a custom banner, add an image or color to the main page, add custom images or videos, and change the color of your page’s footer.

Pro tip. Use this one-sheet guide to get your page pixel perfect! We’ve included all the image sizes and tips & tricks you need to create a great-looking page.

Publishing Your Campaign

When you’re happy with your page design, save and continue! A draft of your event will be saved and you’ll be directed to the event campaign dashboard! You'll always come here to update any aspect of your campaign or set advanced campaign options like adding discount codes and campaign admins.

To set your event live, simply click "Publish." To find your event page link, so that you can share in emails or on social media, see the Promote Box on the righthand side of your event’s “Overview” tab.

Pro tip. Use the Classy Guide to Run / Walks to plan your next event!

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