Fundraise for Entry - Set Up and Settings

Last Updated: Jun 28, 2016 12:09PM PDT

Fundraise for entry is a very fun way to encourage supporters to raise money for your cause. People commit their support before your event, and they can only participate if they hit the individual fundraising goal you set for them.

We will go over how to create a Fundraise for Entry event and customize your event page.

1. Create Your Event
2. Edit Event Details
3. Choose Your Settings

1. Create Your Event

Any and all campaigns can be created from the Fundraising tab from within your account. When you're ready to get started fresh with a new event, click select “Event” from the Create New dropdown.

2. Edit the Event Details

Enter in the details of the event like the event name, start and end date, and fundraising goal. Make sure you select the correct event type, as this selection is reflected on the campaign page.

What do all these options do? Great question! Here are all the definitions of each setting:

Ticketed / Registration Setting Descriptions

Ticket / Registration Name

This sets a public-facing name for the ticket/registration. For example, General Admission, VIP, One-Day, Full Weekend, Bronze, Silver, Gold. Note: These options will appear in the order they are listed and cannot currently be moved or reorganized.


This number tells our system how many registrations of this type to make available for purchase. For example, if "10" is entered here, as soon as 10 registrations of this type are sold, the option will be removed from the list of registrations listed.


Plain and simple, this field indicates the cost of this specific registration type.

Donation %

The donation percentage field tells our system to break up the registration price by the portion that is tax deductible and the portion that is not. The portion that is tax deductible will appear in your Transactions report under the “Net Donation” field. This will also appear as the tax deductibility portion of a registration in the receipt that is emailed to the purchaser. The portion that is not tax deductible, or outside of this percentage, will be represented in the Transactions report under the “Event Costs” field.

Pro tip. Most organizations use the Donation % field to account for the fair market value of a registration or ticket. This field can accept a donation % with two decimal points (xx.xx%) if a full dollar amount is needed for the donation portion of a ticket or registration. This blog post will help you determine fair marketing value.

Ticket Description

Most organizations use this field to indicate which "perks" are included with a specific registration. For example, for a VIP registration the description might say something like, " This registration includes preferred parking, early bird check-in, a timing chip and lunch.

Transaction Fee

Choose whether you'd like the transaction fee to be added on top of the registration price or whether you'd like it to be absorbed in the ticket price. The second option will take the fee out of the total order amount.

Ticket Start & End Date

This setting tells our system when to make a registration type available for purchase. For example, if your organization offers early bird pricing, you're able to select a specific start and end time for early bird sales. Once the date and time is hit, the registration type will automatically be added or removed to the available registration options.

Tips for Ticket Start & End Times

Ticket start and end times are determined by the time zone set in the event details. If no ticket start and end time is indicated, the registration types will be sold until the campaign end date or until total quantities are fulfilled, whichever comes first.

If your campaign shows no registration events are available for purchase, check your registration quantities have been set to the correct amount. You can easily add more.

Attendees Per Ticket

This field shows many attendees are able to attend per registration type. Use this for group or table registrations.

Number Permitted Per Order

This field indicates how many registrations can be purchased in one order. For example, max two tickets purchased at a time.

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