Classy for Salesforce - How to Set Up the Integration for the First Time

Last Updated: Feb 06, 2019 08:27PM PST

Classy for Salesforce is a fundraising integration that empowers you to leverage your online fundraising and donor engagement platform with the world’s leading CRM. And setting it up is easy—all you need is to be a System Administrator for your Salesforce account and to open the API + Apps tab in Classy.  

In this article, you will learn how to set up your Classy for Salesforce integration:

  1. Select a Salesforce Environment
  2. Install Classy for Salesforce
  3. Activate API Key

Select a Salesforce Environment

1. Open the API+Apps tab 
2. Click on the Salesforce icon
3. Select a Salesforce Environment (Sandbox or Production)

Pro tip: We recommend connecting to a Sandbox environment before a Production environment to test the integration. After testing, you’ll need to revoke authorization in the Sandbox before installing into production. 

4. Click Connect to Salesforce
5. Use the login screen that appears to log into Salesforce
6. Click Allow on the access screen that follows to give Classy access to Salesforce

Note: You need to be a System Administrator in Salesforce in order to approve access. We recommend designating an admin on your team so you can keep track of edits to your Salesforce records.  

Install Classy for Salesforce

Once you allow access, you’ll be taken back to Classy to begin the installation. 1. Click Install Classy for Salesforce to open a browser tab with the installer
2. Select which Salesforce users to install the package for
3. Click Install4. On the third-party access pop up that appears, mark the checkbox to grant access
5. Click the Continue button
6. Return to the browser tab with Classy 

  • The Salesforce integration screen in Classy if you closed the tab

Note: The installation process may take a few minutes. You’ll receive an email after the installation is complete. The installation window in Classy will also update to let you know the installation was successful.


Activate API Key

1. Click + Create new API
2. Enter an Application name and Oauth2 Redirect URI 

Pro tip: We recommend using the URL for your organization’s website for Oauth2 Redirect URI. But you can enter whatever you like—no matter what you enter, it will not affect the integration. 

3. Mark the Terms of Service checkbox

4. Click Activate API Key

Once you activate your API key, the setup process will be complete and data will flow from Classy to Salesforce. From here, we recommend logging into Salesforce and reviewing your integration settings just to make sure things are configured the way you like.   

What’s next

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