Integrating Classy Into Your Website

Last Updated: Dec 17, 2018 07:54AM PST

After you set up your Classy campaign or donation page,  the next step is integrating it into your website. To do so, you will need the URL of your campaign (website address) so you can give it to the member of your team that manages your website. 

In this article, we provide a brief overview of the 3 ways you can integrate Classy into your website. 

If you need help finding your campaign URL, view this article.  


Direct Links

Skill Level - Beginner

Using a direct link is the simplest way to integrate Classy into your website. This just means you link a button on your website to your Classy campaign or donation page. You can create a hyperlink as well (a link that is added to text).  But we recommend using buttons when linking to your campaign pages, because they are designed to encourage clicks.

Pro Tip: You can link to any page within a Classy campaign—all you need to do is use the URL for that specific campaign page. Just make sure that the link path is logical. For example a donate button should link to your donation checkout form. A button for setting up a fundraiser page shouldn’t.

Pass-through parameters

Skill Level - Intermediate

Pass-through parameters allow you to pass information from your website to a Classy donation form. For example, say a supporter taps a $50 donation button on your website. When they arrive at your Classy donation form, you can use pass-through parameters to have $50 pre-selected. 

To learn more about pass-through parameters and how to use them, view our guide

API Calls

Skill Level - Advanced

This integration option is for organizations that have a web developer on their team. Many of our API calls are public and allow you to pull data from Classy campaigns and pass it to your website. For example, you could pass progress data to your site and create a progress bar that updates alongside Classy.

To help your developer(s) get started, we recommend viewing our API documentation.  

Note: Advanced integration falls outside the scope of support from our Care Team. However, we are happy to assist with the other two integration methods. 

Need extra guidance? Contact our Care Team

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