Integrating Classy Into Your Website

Last Updated: Jul 24, 2018 09:06AM PDT

The ability to merge your fundraising solution into your existing website is as important as ever. With Classy there are several ways to integrate at any level of expertise.

A. Direct Linking
B. Pass-through URL Parameters
C. API Calls
D. Tips for Success


A. Direct Linking

No development necessary!  This just means, "I click this button on my site, and go to my Classy hosted donation form, ticketing page or fundraising campaign.

You can add these links to your Classy pages (as they all have a unique URL) directly to your website via a button or hyperlink that already exists on your site.

B. Pass-through URL Parameters

Using a set of URL parameters you can build out forms on your website that will populate fields on your Classy donation forms. Think of this as passing information from your website to your Classy donation form, to help the donor out and avoid entering information twice.  Some possibilities are donation amounts, monthly or one-time options, first and last name, and address information.  

For example when using pass-through parameters, if the donor selects $100 upon clicking the "enter card information" button, they'll be directed to a Classy donation form already preselected with $100. For more detailed information on using pass-through parameters head here.

C. API Calls- Advanced Integration (Pro Clients Only)

This option is for organizations with a web developer on hand and looking for a more robust website integration. Many of our API calls are public, which allow you to pull data from your Classy campaigns, events, and fundraisers and pass it directly to your website in real time. The API calls are a great way to showcase your organization's progress directly on your website, such as top fundraisers for a campaign.

You can review our API documentation at

D. Tips for Success

How you decide to integrate Classy into your website is entirely up to you, but there are some key best practices we recommend. Giving supporters the ability to get involved beyond writing a check or attending an event is key to the growth of any size organization. We recommend that nonprofit websites promote multiple ways for supporters to get involved year-round, like the options to give monthly or fundraise.

1. One time and Monthly Donations

2. Year-Round P2P Fundraising