Reconciling Your WePay Withdrawals

Last Updated: Jun 08, 2018 09:44AM PDT

Reconciling your WePay withdrawal reports with Classy Transactions reports just became a whole lot easier! We have added a Processor ID column to your report. This Processor ID corresponds to the Transaction ID in your WePay withdrawal report.
To reconcile your reports you need two components:

1. Classy Transactions Report
2. WePay Withdrawal Report


1. Classy Transactions Report

To obtain your Classy Transactions Report Start on your Dashboard and navigate to the Reports Tab and select Transactions (New Reporting)

Adjust the time frame for the report

Add the Processor ID column to the report

Click Export and select Export to CSV

Locate the file on your computer and open it with a spreadsheet program

2.  WePay Withdrawal Report

To obtain your WePay Withdrawal Report start by logging into your WePay account on Once on your WePay account Dashboard locate your Withdrawal Reports.

Download the WePay Withdrawal Report that you want to reconcile

Once Downloaded, You can compare the column, Payment ID in the WePay reports to the Processor ID in the Classy Transactions reports.