How to Format a Logo

Last Updated: Oct 17, 2018 04:09PM PDT

What happens if your logo is rectangular and not square? Never fear! We've set up this tutorial to give you the basics on formatting your logo to correctly fit in the square box we've provided in your Classy admin.

Can't I just crop it, or change the size?

Say your logo is longer than it is tall. Just cropping the image to a square won't help you.

And stretching the rectangle into a square won't help either.

Turning your logo into a square the right way

To proportionately turn a rectangle logo into a square logo, we have to change the size of the white space around the logo, or the canvas. Normally, this would be a job for photo editing apps like Adobe Photoshop. However, a loophole has been found! Today there are many programs online that you can use completely FREE in your web browser. Today we'll be using

On the Pixlr homepage, choose "Open an image from computer."


Next, navigate to the folder where your logo file is stored on your computer, and choose "Open."

Now for the magic. Choose the "Image" drop down menu at the top of your window, and click "Canvas size."

In the next window, you'll need to make the canvas a square. We do this by adding canvas space to the top and bottom. Therefore we must change the height to match the width. Note: do not change the width value, only the height. Then, select the middle square as your anchor position.

Now pat yourself on the back: you've made your logo a square. (Note: use the "Navigator" window in the top right to zoom in and out. You'll notice that the entire canvas is now a square). Now, let's save this beauty to use on all your Classy fundraising campaigns. At the top menu, choose "File," then "Save" just as you would on your computer.

In the next window, move the "Quality" slider all the way to 100%, and click "Ok."

Then navigate to the folder you'd like to save your handywork in. Feel free to rename it with "-square" so you don't save over the original. Now you can upload your new image to your Classy dashboard, Facebook icon or any other square image your heart desires!

Great, so how do I change the size of my logo?

While the previous steps changed the proportions of your image, the size of your logo may actually be much larger than you need. Let's say you're adding your campaign thumbnail, which is recommended to be 186px x 186px.

Open up your image in your trusty Pixlr editor. Then go to the "Image" menu at the top and choose, "Image Size."

Next, change the width size to equal your desired pixel amount. In this case we'll use 186px. If you keep the "Constrain proportions" box checked, the height will automagically change for you as well. Now you can save the image, as previously mentioned, and upload your lovely square logo to your Classy campaign. Congratulations, you're on your way to fundraising success!