How to Manage Fraudulent Transactions

Last Updated: Oct 04, 2018 09:58AM PDT

This article will explain how to manage fraudulent or suspicious donations by blocking IP addresses and devices. 


1. Open Your Campaign

Navigate to your account's Campaigns tab and select the campaign where the suspicious donation was made. This will open an overview for that campaign.

2. Create a  Transactions Report

Once you open the campaign, hover over the Reports tab, and create a Transactions Report.

3. Locate the Suspicious Transaction

Using the Quick Find tool, filter the report to find the fraudulent donation that needs to be reversed. During the refund process, you will be able to block this same IP address from making another donation to your organization. Once found, click the Edit icon to the far left side of the donation. 

4. Refund the Transaction

You will first need to refund the transaction before you can block the IP address or device of the fraudulent user. This is necessary to prevent your organization from getting hit with chargebacks should the cardholder initiate a dispute with their bank. Click Refund Donation button on the right side of the form.

5. Block the Device from Future Payments

A modal will pop-up asking you to confirm and indicate whether or not the transaction was fraudulent. If marked as fraudulent, Classy will block the IP address and device of the fraudulent user.

6. Consider Enabling Recaptcha

Pro subscription clients have the option to enable ReCaptcha on their donation forms. To enable this feature, please reach out to the Classy Support Team

While fraudulent donations can be frustrating and overwhelming, the security of your account is not at risk. For more information on why fraudulent donations occur, read this article from our payment processing partner WePay on why fraudsters target nonprofit checkout pages.