Editing my recurring donation

Last Updated: Mar 27, 2018 10:05AM PDT

As a donor, it is important you have full control of editing your recurring donation information, which is why we have made this possible directly within your member profile. Below are steps on how edit your recurring donation.

1. Login to Member Profile
2. Edit Recurring Donation

Login to Member Profile.

To access your recurring profile, you will first need to login to your member profile. If you do not remember setting this up, not to worry, this was created for you automatically the first time you donated or created a fundraising page on the Classy platform. If you do not remember your password, simply click Forgot Password? at the login screen here: https://www.classy.org/login.

Edit Recurring Donation

Once you have access to your member profile, scroll to the bottom of the My Profile tab of the member profile. Here you will see your active recurring donations listed. If you are looking to edit your recurring donation, click Edit and enter in the new billing information for your recurring profile. Once this is completed, the changes will take effect on the next scheduled billing date of your transaction.

Please note:For security reasons we don't store credit card information, so all credit card information will need to be re-entered if that is what you are looking to change as well.


If you have any questions please reach out to Classy Support